July 21, 2018

We’re Collecting Benchmarks in York

Early in 2010 we found a strange mark on the step of a relative’s property, we didn’t know what it was so we investigated and found out it was a benchmark (a rivet actually).

Intrigued, we looked in to the subject and started spotting benchmarks around York. We found the OS website had a database of benchmarks and so began finding and photographing them. Realising that we needed a way of keeping track of what we had found and also linking the photos to the correct benchmarks, we started this blog.

I upload a 1km grid square of benchmarks, each as a separate blog post, then add the photos and comments as we find them. We have some old maps of York which have benchmarks marked on them which are not in the OS database, if we find these I add them as individual posts. Sadly many are damaged.

So we’ve now got all the ones we found and photographed earlier in the year so we are ready to go and find more benchmarks in York. The 1km grid squares added to date are SE5950 and SE5951, so plenty more to find!

The only reason we are doing this is to have an excuse for walking around York, though we do get funny looks in the busier parts of the city!