March 22, 2018

Random Benchmarks

PIVOT Benchmark at grid SE59065037

OS grid:  SE59065037 Type of Benchmark: PIVOT OS Description: PIVOT STO E SIDE RD 10.4M S GATEWAY Physical height above ground: 0.3m Our Comments: 08/04/2010 Couldn’t really miss this one, next to the Knavesmire and opposite the gateway to Hob Moor. Fairly clear mark, pretty sure that this hasn’t been moved to make way for […]

CUT MARK Benchmark at grid SE59445103

OS grid:  SE59445103 Type of Benchmark: CUT MARK OS Description: NBM MILL MOUNT HO SE SIDE THE MOUNT SW FACE W ANG Physical height above ground: 0.4m Our Comments: 28/03/2010 – Unable to find this benchmark. Other OS Information: Height (level in  respect to datum): 20.7813  Datum used: N Order of mark (1, 2 or […]

CUT MARK Benchmark at grid SE59755148

OS grid:  SE59755148 Type of Benchmark: CUT MARK OS Description: ARCH NW SIDE RD SW FACE Physical height above ground: 0.6m Our Comments: 08/04/2010 – A clear benchmark at the base of the pedestrian arch of Micklegate Bar, seen when approaching from Blossom Street. What were they thinking, hacking this into York’s Bar walls?! Other […]